Dental, Vision, Hearing

Many people are interested in getting dental, vision, and hearing coverage, but they aren’t able to find these benefits through Original Medicare, Individual Health plans, or even sometimes with group health insurance. We offer several carrier options for Dental, Vision, and Hearing with private insurance carriers. 

To find out how you can get dental, vision, and hearing coverage reach out to our office for a quote. 

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What Does Dental Coverage Provide?

Dental insurance is separate from medical insurance. It helps policyholders pay for dental services. Unlike health insurance, dental insurance often doesn’t cover a large portion of the cost of services. 

What Does Vision Coverage Provide?

Vision coverage pays for eye exams and prescription eyewear. Vision insurance does not cover  eye surgery or illness of the eye. These forms of treatment are paid for by major health insurance policies.

What Does Hearing Coverage Provide?

Hearing coverage provides you with benefits that allow you to purchase hearing aids and receive hearing exams. The level of benefits you receive varies depending on the plan. 

Get Medicare Advantage with Dental, Vision, and Hearing Benefits

Many of the Medicare Advantage plans offer some or all of these benefits within the Advantage package. We will discuss this when reviewing your Medicare options after confirming your primary needs and prescription coverage.

To get hearing, vision, and dental benefits today, enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan. Duncan Market Insurance can help you find a plan. Call to get started with a free quote!